Friday, September 10, 2010

The Love of a Father

Just the other night, I met a very interesting man named Amon.   He's an older Irish gentleman, who, according to him, was apparently quite the stud back in his day.  Unfortunately, Amon suffered from a stroke about two years back and is still gaining back alot of his sharpness including his speech and small motor movements in his hands.  As I spend some time with Amon, I learn that he has lived a tough life.  Worked hard for anything he had, scrapped by in order to feed the children, lost a child, and because of depression afterwards his wife left him as well.  Amon wears a lot of sadness on his face, but there is one thing that lights him up.... his son Edward.

Amon loves his son Edward so much that just in talking about him his whole face smiles.  He describes Edwards as being "wonderful, special, and especially handsome."  This father did not see a flaw in his son, not one.  He delighted in his son's presence so much that he would rub his hands together and dance like a little child at just the simple thought of it.   Amon's eyes even filled with tears when he recalled the story of his young son looking to him and saying "Papa, I love momma, but I love you the best."  Amon undoubtedly loved his son, and saw him through wonderfully clouded goggles as only a father can... because Edward was his, and he was proud.
In hearing this father's humble adoration for his son, I couldn't help but think of how much our Papa, our heavenly Daddy, loves us.  God sees us as Amon sees Edward! He points down at us and says "you see that one, she's special! that one, she is wonderful! that one, she brings me such joy!"  Like Amon, our Papa gets giddy and lights up at the thought of our presence. Our Papa, just like Amon, he can't stop talking about us; about our achievements, about our beauty, about our perfection.  He, like Amon, soaks up all our words and is waiting for the day when we say "Papa, I love alot of things... but I love you the best!" He sees us through those wonderful eyes of a Father... because we are his, and he too is overwhelmingly proud!


  1. Micah, what a wonderful reminder! We pray for you daily. Remember you are not just a blessing over there but also here in Alma, as we follow along with you journeys! God is good. Cindy.

  2. Such a great blog Micah! So glad you're writing and chasing His heart...

  3. I loved and needed this today sister! you are such an encouragement!

  4. Micah, what a wonderful message! All of your posts are so encouraging to me. We pray for you daily, and for your family. God Bless You!!

  5. Such a blessing! Encouraging words to live by.. we should daily tell him how much we love him above all else. Praying for each of you that God leads you where he needs you the most!

    Much love from God above!

    Mama Harris

  6. what a precious reminder! Nothing like Ireland to bring out the writer in us all!