Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Different Kind of Christmas

for my christmas this year there are no christmas lights.  there are no carolers.  there are no bustling department stores. 
for my christmas this year there is no tinsel.  there are no overdone christmas trees.  there are no presents.  no wrapping paper.  
the agenda for my christmas this year does no include anything about santa claus, kris kringle, or even father christmas.  for my christmas this year there are no little kids anxiously waiting to see a bright red nose or hear hooves on their rooftops tonight.  
in fact, my christmas this year is about as anti-american as you can get.
in zambia, christmas is not about a day.  christmas is not about money.  christmas is not about glitz and glamour.   here the only celebrity on this day is the one for which it was originally intended.... a small baby, a son, and the very child of God.
sure, i miss the holiday hype.  i miss the spirit of christmas.  i miss singing christmas carols at the top of my lungs. i miss being surrounded by my very favorite people. i miss days in a row of the best food and desserts you can ever imagine. 
but, i also have the opportunity to finally experience christmas for its true meaning.  i am experiencing a christmas that is truly about life, about family, and about love.  and not only that, but i get to celebrate with people who know the importance of these things and truly cherish them.
next year, i will most likely plunge back into the american style of christmas... but for this year, this year i get to experience a very different kind of christmas.


  1. Selena (you have my heart) DayJune 22, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    Embrace Him with everything you have! My heart and prayers are with you today!

    Love, Love

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Micah! And, God bless you for all you are doing there. How blessed we all would be if would experience Christmas for its true meaning.

  3. Ours was definitely different without your laughter & joy but it helps us to remember the importance of cherishing our family times & are anticipating next year with you, Jasmine & Sammy-now that's gonna be special!!

  4. I Heart You!! I wish I was in Africa with you for Christmas! Miss you All!