Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My bags are packed.  It's time to move on once again, not only to another country but onto another continent.  Usually about this time I start getting antsy to leave.  Usually, I am ready for the chance of pace and the excitement of a new adventure.

...but this month is very different.  

This month I can't help but think of all the people I am leaving behind.  This month I can't help but think about all the great and wonderful things that I will not have the opportunity be a part of.  This month I can't help but think of all the friends that will now be an ocean away.  This month it feels almost like leaving home again.

I think i've known for a long time that I had a heart for Africa, but that I just played it off as being the typical missionary place to go.  Then two months ago, I finally get here and after struggling through those months I was honestly kind of ready to leave.  Don't get me wrong, it had been a great experience, an irreplaceable experience... but one I was not really all that sad to see come to an end.  I had changed my mind about this Africa, I had decided it was not at all what I had expected, and again just thought that I had bought into the cliche of being a missionary here.

Then God brought me to Cape Town.

I never would have realized that in 18 days I would be able to feel like part of a community.  That I would develop lasting relationships.  That I would have such a yearning and a desire to see the hope of these people become reality.  Something about this place has definitely stolen my heart and I can't wait to see what exactly God has planned.  

"Where you lead me... I will follow."


  1. Hi Micah. We don't know each other but Emily Milroy is a dear friend of mine (i'm pretty sure she's on your squad?) Anyways, I just wanted to say that God STOLE my heart when I spent 3 months outside of Cape Town in Worcester this past fall. There is just something about South Africa and what God is doing there that completely grips the heart, don't you think? And that song, "Where you lead me I will follow" was my theme song while i was there. Just wanted to let you know that I feel you! praying for your squad!

  2. ahhhh, Micah! this is what the Lord does...and it's how you KNOW it's from him. :) i'm SO EXCITED to see what the future holds for you!! i do not believe you are done with this place!!!

  3. this gives me chills - makes me so excited to see what God is doing. I will continue to pray for you guys in Asia, and will continue to pray God brings you back here. We love you and are SO thankful we got to spend this time with you and the rest of the team. Know there's SO much to be done here...


    and Norah misses you ;)