Thursday, May 27, 2010


When you live in the United States, it is very easy to take the word "freedom" for granted.  We are instilled with the belief that we are free, that we make our own decisions for our life, and that we are completely capable of determining out own realities.  

Truth is, we are all bound.  A even harsher reality is that we actually bind ourselves.  
We are bound by feelings of shame, of inadequacy, of insecurity. Bound by fear of change, of acceptance, and of being asked by God to do something that is completely ridiculous, completely unrealistic, and completely uncomfortable.  We are constantly held back by our own chains, and simply because we aren't willing to just LET GO.  

One truth I have learned at training camp this week is that freedom is attainable.  Our bondage has been paid for, our bail has been met, our chains have been broken.  So let the walls fall down, and embrace our Jesus.  Embrace his hope and most importantly his love. Because, believe me, there is real POWER in true freedom!

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  1. AMEN!!!!!!! P.S. so crazy to see you with long hair....