Friday, June 3, 2011

Stories to Share

as i sit here typing on my big comfy couch, wrapped up in a blanket, sitting in front of a television too big for my own good, with the smell of home cooked food in the air, i can't help but feel on edge.  so little has changed.  and yet this time around i feel so out of place.

as i looked into my closet yesterday, the abundance made me utterly nauseous.  the fact that i happened to have 7 different bottles of shampoo in my shower didn't help.  in just a few hours after getting home, i quickly found my big, red, beaten up backpack looking luxurious again.  part of me desperately wanted to just throw my three outfits and two pairs of shoes in the bag and call it a day.

but, this is reality.  this is my home.  these are my people.

and while i find it overwhelming to try to figure out how the person i now am fits into the world of who i once was, i know that i'm here right now for a reason.  i now have a story to tell.  i now have words that can't go unspoken.  and there are so many people that deserve to hear it.  more, even so, that need to hear it.

so, after spending the whole day sorting through and downsizing my entire wardrobe, i think i have regained a small bit of my sanity... for the time being anyway.  i'm not quite ready to face the world (or go shopping in walmart), but hopefully i'll get there eventually.  

because this story is BIG, and my world needs to hear it.


  1. right there with you. i may repost this in a version of my own. love you.

  2. I haven't yet made it home to GA but I do see the world I love in as too much. I was in target the other day getting toiletries...bad idea! too much to choose from, when all you want to do is make an easy decision. Thanks for helping me to put my thoughts into words. I love you Micah! Call me anytime, literally. I will be posting a blog about Skid Row soon and possibly a blog about being overwhelmed by the little things. Much love sister! God bless you! Jesus is Lord!!!!

  3. You share your story girl!
    Love and miss you!

  4. right on.
    He is directing your days and orchestrating your encouters.
    many prayers as you walk this out. :)

  5. Right there with you. Such good truth about the stories being for others and not us.

  6. Micah, I love to read your post. I think you are right about telling your story! God gave all of a us the direct commandment to go and tell, so tell! I can't wait to read it. God bless ya!

  7. Micah, even though our experience was very different living in SA than from yours traveling around, we still had to have less stuff, we had to do things the long way around, and life was simpler in general. Since moving back, and especially now as we're moving into a new house, unpacking boxes of stuff that we had in storage for a year, and having to buy new things, I'm really dealing with these emotions too. It's hard to believe I have a pantry with 8 boxes of cereal when people I know in South Africa hardly have one. I also find I miss the simpler way of living, and I actually want to bring some of those principles into living here. We got used to having less stuff, and though I still find it hard not to want more when I go to the store and see what other people here have, I realized that living with more is harder, it ties you down a lot more, and just complicates things. Even Norah seems to prefer having a few of her favorite toys over having an overflowing toy box. Interesting how living in another country can make you reevaluate what's really important.
    So excited to follow you on your journey - wish we could be in Cape Town with you!